Monday, March 14, 2011

This weekend we ate.

Friday -  Dimitri's on 944 N 2nd St and fell in love. Cute little Italian bistro, BYOB, and GREAT food. We ordered the house salad (huge with big slices of veggies), tomato mozzarella (so fresh), he ordered the grilled scallops (8 perfectly made) and I had the talapia (unreal). When you can bring your own bottle of wine, dinners out are so affordable! We ended up dropping $50 on a dinner clearly worth way more than that. 

Saturday Lunch - Pink Dolphin Sandwiches. Boars Head Deli Meats are the BEST! (unforch, I found out that I still cannot eat deli meats. It was good while it lasted though!)

Saturday NIGHT - BEERS at a new bar called Gunners Run. I had a Kensington after Scott ordered me an IPA. I really do NOT like IPA's!  

Sunday - PIZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! The best place we found here in our little hood is Trios that is pretty much attached to our building. So good. 

Today we will work out until I am sore again. We've been really good with going to the gym and Scott is an awesome trainer. He puts me through a ringer! I have to look good in my wedding dress, dammit!

Happy Monday! I know most people hate the "spring forward" but when you work from home you dont really notice. hehe!

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