Tuesday, June 29, 2010

is there anything better than live music?

I've been enjoying going to concerts, festivals and shows since i was a kid and im no kid anymore, but music puts me right back to being one. Its an instant time warp for me when i hear a song from a show i saw maybe 15, 10, 3 years ago. I love that magic!

Whether it was listening to my oldest brother school me on The Cure when i was 7, or my other older brother coaching me on European drum and bass I listened intensely learning to appreciate all the different types of sounds and melodies. As an adult, my musical tastes have changed but I never forget about my musical past where I was obsessed with my Madonna 'True Blue' record that Jilly and I would take turns singing. But, while most kids our age were obsessed with radio music, Jill and I wore out CD's of bands like, Bjork and Propellerheads. We loved Moby before he became lame and we knew every Prodigy song and even went to their show in the 90's! I may be dating myself with my massive crush on Damon Albarn of Blur, but, I will say that music has been a HUGE part of my life and I love my life more for it. I will say it even got me into the college of my dreams -- I skipped out on the last part of my SAT's to go see a festival (dude, it was Garbage, Goldfinger, No Doubt, etc!) and maybe if i stayed I would have gotten a better score, but, nope! I got a good enough score for the University of South Carolina -- GO COCKS! (that's ridiculous, I know and mostly, SORRY DAD!).

Jill, remember seeing Eminem (no one knew who the hell this puny little white rapper was) open for Black Eyed Peas (pre Fergie) and he was pretty much boo'd off stage because Blink was about to play parallel to his stage? awesome. Finding new and exciting music was the greatest feeling and then led us to falling in love with SXSW and music showcases.

 What I'm getting at here is that I spend a lot of money on going to concerts yearly and while I hate my dwindling funds, I look back at my musical memories and do not regret a single one, i never saw back street boys so I may have been upset at that lost dollar.

Dear Music, keep on keepin on.

now I will look at wedding bands and my main concern is that they play YMCA to make everyone there cringe. :) Life is good.

currently listening to Foxy Shazam's "Oh Lord".

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pev said...

cheers to that miss marv. there is nothing better than live music. it makes me HAPPY!