Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Carrie........FREAK OUT.........My family is almost here and I'm pretty sure YOU ARE terrified!
Look at us? We're nuts!!I'm excited to see Kevin and Linda, Lisa and Ryan and making a special appearance Andrew "THE CUZ" Baumgartner who might as well be my other brother.

Looking forward to an action pack weekend where The Kirby's meet the Marvin's..........what is going to happen???????


Care said...

im not at all terrified... but what I am terrified of is that brown striped shirt you're wearing.

Scottie said...

HEY!!!!!!!!! I will throw a biscuit at your head

Lisa Marie said...

Seriously, bro! What is that shirt? And stop acting like Carrie isn't a Kirby already. I think both our families have a track record of being 'nuts' which really just means awesome & fun. I can't wait much longerrrrrrrrrr!~ see you both soon!