Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ive always been obsessed with skin care, moisturizer and eye cream. I have been slathering eye cream on my eyes obsessively since i was about 20 years old because I'm paranoid of crows feet. Always have been even when I didn't have them. So to make matters worse, i have spent lots of dollars on these miracle creams and I think i found one that I actually LIKE! It's called Kinerase and yes, it's exy (expensive) but, I truly think I see a little difference! I've tried, clinique, prescriptives, le mer, etc ... but this one wins for me! Well, this week at least. : )

totally didn't know Courtney Cox was the spokesperson, love her!

I was not paid to make this endorsement, I just wanted to share.

I'm bored at work and it's about 100 degrees outside and my stupid office-mate is wearing a sweater vest and long sleeved collared shirt. I'm going to take most of the day today and see if I can snap a picture of him for you. To say the least... we are not friends and it would be super awkward if he caught me doing this. CHALLENGE! Stay tuned.

still bored, carrie


SKVD6 said...

crowes feet?!?! what crowes feet! or carrie! ;).....good find though! i have been in search for something to fade away the spots on my forehead that have appeared... they say its a "pregnancy mask" that can appear when you are preggers (no i am NOT) but also from being in the sun or just because. they appeared 3 years ago, i hate it! i TRY and cover them up w/ concealer/powder but it doesnt really work. BOOO.

SKVD6 said...

PS: if you get a photo of your co-worker i will die laughing! HA...

Mamma said...

Hey Carrie,

Thanks for the tip. Did you know if you click on that website there is a 25% off coupon? Sounds like a good deal!

See you in a week! :)

Care said...

Shannon, they are there... I see them with a microscope! crows feet! AHHHHHHHHHH! I always heard that putting vitamin E (from those capsules) are good for sun spots. Try it! :)Also, i am so close at snapping the picture... he's such a freak.

Linda, I did see that coupon! I might be getting some more!