Monday, June 28, 2010

This weekend was pretty great. we did sushi on Friday night and then did the Crohns and Colitis walk down in Washington, DC Saturday afternoon. Marv's Guts (my team) ended up winning the top honor of raising the most money for the friends and family category. I couldn't believe it and was so So SO happy! Having this disease hasn't been the easiest for me, but, having friends and family care has made it easier. I love you all!

Besides that, we went down to the lake house and tore it up with tubing and skiing. The water was unreal and that boat is just so fun!

After a long day of going nuts on the lake, we headed back to DC to take in a show at the 930 club. We went to see the train wreck that is Courtney Love of Hole and instead left with our minds blown from opener Foxy Shazam. The best way to describe this insanity on stage was that he totally channeled Freddy Mercury but had the looks of frank zappa and the destructiveness of Andrew WK. Mix that all into one and you have Eric Nally. I absolutely fell in love with them and their complete weird package. check em out, here.

as for Courtney, she was so So SO awful. She coughed during songs and forget lyrics or she simply didn't even sing any lyrics and just held the microphone to the crowd who wasn't singing either. She also had someone on stage filming her on a flip totally obstructive views. To say she was bad is an understatement. She was AWFUL! But, that's to be expected right? Typical Courtney... loves.

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