Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet My Flabongos

I bought a flabongo. Scratch that... I bought TWO flabongos (so they could mate, naturally). I love my flabongo and think you will too. They are much prettier than the average beer bong and obvi I love that they are pink. :)

Meet Fla...

now meet, Bongo

now meet my favorite napping place.


SKVD6 said...

ummm that is awesome!!! where do you find this stuff? HA.............and that last pic is just too too cute! i gotta know though... is this a timed planned photo? im known for doing these, steve thinks im a dork! HA....your finance' (dont you love that word?) is a team player!

Mamma said...

Did we pass the test?

Care said...

no, my girlfriend took the photo when i really did walk over there and take a nap. i always mess up timed photos.

and linda, oh yeah... you passed the TEST! A++++++++++++!!!!